The Missing Sock
A Short Story by Dave Addison
Dave Addison August 1999
Please Note: this is an image-based story which requires a javascript-enabled browser (preferably version 4+).  You'll need to move your mouse around in the illustrations and click to follow the story and find the missing sock.  Make sure you read the text on each page first (you may need to scroll down to find it)!  And don't forget to look carefully at everything in each place you go - some will take you to new pages, others won't. Don't leave a room until you're sure you've found everything.  If you get stuck (you shouldn't) look at the hints page.  This story is an entry in the New Zealand Listener magazine's inaugural internet short story competition.
Lets take a look out here
Maybe in the toybox?
Perhaps it's in the drawer
Try through this door
What's under this rug?
arrow_shut.jpg (977 bytes)
The sock has gone missing - oh dear, oh dear
Where can it be - oh where, oh where?

In the dresser?  Down the stair?
Out the window?  Perhaps through there...

It was her favourite pair you know
With the red and white stripes and the purple bow
Now there's just one - where did it go?

Finding this sock won't be your crowning glory
But at least it will get you to the end of the story...                             HINTS