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Dash Design provides a complete website planning, design, construction, domain registration and hosting service.

We can take your project from the initial concept discussions through mockups, design and construction, to final deployment and promotion.

Using Wordpress we can provide clients with the ability to update sites themselves.

what we do

KISS - you've heard it before: 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'. That's the philosophy behind every site we build.

There's a place for fancy features, but they shouldn't clutter up your site just to try and make it look 'cool'.

Thoughful planning, careful attention to site structure and navigation, and making sure the content is what your customers want - this is the essence of Dash Design's approach to every web project we undertake.

If your site NEEDS those cool features, that's fine. We will work with you to determine the best approach for your web presence, creating a site that will both make you proud and please your customers too.